Bill Goebel is committed to delivering positive change for our community. His priorities reflect unwavering dedication to students, teachers, parents, and the overall success of Guilford County Schools.

Bill believes in:

Transparency and inclusive decision-making: Bill ensures community voices are heard, providing transparency in school board decisions.

Focusing on student success: Bill prioritizes student achievement and well-being, creating an environment for every student to excel.

Support for teachers and staff: Bill values educators, providing them with support and resources for professional growth.

Empowerment of parents: Bill fosters parental involvement, open communication, and strong partnerships between schools and families.

Promoting financial accountability: Bill maximizes resources and promotes responsible budgeting for the best education possible.

Finding common ground for collaborative solutions: Bill believes in unity and collaboration, seeking constructive dialogue for positive change.

Join Bill Goebel in shaping a brighter future for Guilford County Schools. Let's create a stronger, more prosperous community through education.