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Bill Goebel, Dedicated Advocate for Guilford County District 3 School Board Reelection in November 2024.

Bill Goebel

If you’re here, you care about the future of our kids like I do. My priority is to ensure that every child in our community gets an exceptional education, no matter who they are or where they come from.

With 33 years in Guilford County raising three amazing kids of my own, I understand the importance of equal opportunities. That's why I started Youth of NC, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting underprivileged youth and helping them thrive.

As your school board member, I want to create an inclusive, supportive, and engaging learning environment for all our students. By being transparent, focusing on student success, supporting our incredible teachers and staff, empowering parents like you, ensuring financial accountability, and fostering collaboration, we can build a school system that nurtures every child's potential.

Goebel FamilyLet's keep pushing forward together, so no child is left behind. Our community's future depends on our kids' success, and I'm fully committed to making a positive impact on their lives and the future of Guilford County Schools.

Thanks for visiting! I'm thrilled to work with you in shaping a better future for our children. Please know that if you need me, you can always reach out.



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CNBC Ranked NC As Number One For Business Again

Posted: Tuesday - July 18, 2023

Hello District 3 community,

As a North Carolina citizen, I am proud that CNBC ranked North Carolina as No. 1 on its list of Americas Top States for Business two years in a row. For years, state leaders have been intentional about making investments and building an infrastructure that positions North Carolina as a key destination for businesses across the globe.

In contrast, we have not done the same for public education. I see a great opportunity to reverse this issue.

Guilford County has a higher child poverty rate, more food insecurity, and lower median family income that our sister counties of Wake, Mecklenburg, Durham and Forsyth This causes Guilford County to have to spend more resources in addressing these issues.

In addition, our teachers continue to be undervalued for their hard work and have seen few changes in compensation over the years, putting their salaries far behind the national average.

Do you see the problem here? Though business is booming, and our state is growing, our communities remain fragile because of how little we have invested in our public schools - which are often the top employers in communities across the state. Flourishing business in North Carolina brings us one step forward, but meager teacher compensation takes us two steps back. Burnout is intensifying, teachers are leaving, undergraduate teaching programs are enrolling fewer students - and all of this is happening in the wake of pandemic learning loss when our kids need high-performing and committed teachers most.

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